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Call for Grants

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Grant Process

 If you are interested in applying for a grant, please follow the process outlined below. We look forward to learning more about your ideas!

We only consider grants during open submission periods. Please check our call for grants page here. The Fund may also receive throughout the year unsolicited grant proposals, letters of inquiry, or ideas by email via

Majority of our grant process start with a short letter of inquiry, with an initial description of your project. 

In order to determine if your project is aligned with the mission of our Fund, we ask you to answer few questions around below topics:

  • Your organization
  • The project
  • The budget
  • The timelines

We will review your letter of inquiry and if approved, request you to submit a full proposal.

Kindly note that some grants may not require to submit a letter of inquiry.

The proposal is an in-depth plan of action for your project that builds off the key messages from your letter of inquiry

At the Fund: The Arabian Leopard Fund, we want to ensure your project has the highest level of success. With that in mind, the Fund will review your application and submit any feedback before your proposal goes to our Board of Directors. 

Your proposal is reviewed by our Board to ensure your project is aligned with our Fund's budget. 

Once application are submitted, we aim to make a decision between 1- 4 months. 


If your application is approved by our Board, congratulations on successfully funding your project!.


Grant Portal

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Grant FAQs

Any body is eligible to apply for a grant! However, we will only fund projects that are aligned with The Arabian Leopard Fund's mission

Please review our grant process. Once you have familiarized yourself with the overall process, go to our Grant Portal where you can begin the process of submitting a letter of inquiry or an application. Please note we only accept applications during open submission periods, which you can in the call for grant

The entire process usually takes 1-4 months, however this is subject to the number of applications we receive during the open submission period. 

The main reasons applications are not approved are because projects are not aligned with our Fund's mission, the Letter of Inquiry or Application do not describe the project in an appropriate amount of detail or are missing sections, or because we don't believe the team will successfully execute the project. 

As high as your likelihood of saving directly or indirectly the Arabian Leopards

If you are having technical difficulties logging into the Grant Portal, please email [email protected]

Please read through our grant process and FAQs in case your question is answered. For any other questions, please email grants@alf-ngo-org