The Arabian Leopard urgently needs help to survive

The Arabian Leopard is critically endangered. Formerly found across much of the Arabian Peninsula, it has declined dramatically over the last century, and now only occurs in a handful of sites

Arabian Leopard Fund

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The Arabian Leopard Fund has been established to save the Arabian Leopard – and by doing so, inspire communities, decision-makers, and the world to change the fate of one of our planet’s most delicate ecosystems


Searching for the last leopards in Saudi Arabia

There is little information on where and how many leopards survive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By partnering with Panthera, the Royal Commission of AlUla is using the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive assessment of the Arabian Leopard population in the Kingdom

Together we can save the Arabian Leopard

Continuing human pressure, in the form of habitat destruction, hunting leopard prey, and poisoning leopards to protect livestock, make the Arabian Leopard’s plight urgent – and it is our responsibility to find solutions

Get to know the Arabian Leopard

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The smallest leopard

The Arabian Leopard is roughly half the size of its African cousin and is the smallest leopard in the world

Well camouflaged in its environment

The Arabian Leopard is much paler than other leopards to help it blend in with its dry and rocky habitat

King of the mountains

Although formerly more widespread, the Arabian Leopard is now largely confined to rugged mountains

Not a fussy eater

With prey scarce in dry mountain habitats, the Arabian Leopard can’t afford to be picky – eating a range of mammals, bird, reptiles, and amphibians

A very shy cat

Contrary to some beliefs, the Arabian Leopard is scared of people, and will make every effort to avoid humans
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